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When Violence Is the Answer | An Interview with Tim Larkin

  The world is filled with dangerous people—so how are you going to protect yourself? Does violence make you uncomfortable? Are you willing to take easy steps to change …

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Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Online Business Revenue | An Interview with Ezra Firestone

  Are you looking to find a better way to advertise your online business product? Or would you like to know how you can become more profitable with advertising? Then listen …

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Follow Your Heart to Say “Yes” to Life | An Interview with Kamal Ravikant

  Are you connected with your purpose on a soul level? Are the things you are holding on to, that are robbing you of your ability to say “yes” to life? Today’s …

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Direct Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Biz | An Interview with Brian Kurtz

  Are you maximizing marketing opportunities in your business? Do you know exactly what the specific ROI is for each marketing channel that you are using? Today, …

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Jump Face First into the Universe Without Fear | An Interview with Paul Kirchoff

Success. How do YOU measure it? Is it purely a matter of the income level you achieve or is there more to it? My guest today would answer that success comes only through …

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How To Recapture Your Wealth From Cash Flow You Already Have! | An Interview with Garrett Gunderson

Have you accidentally let your wealth creation take a backseat? Most entrepreneurs do. Garrett Gunderson joins us on this episode of the podcast to help solve this …

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Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It with Former FBI Negotiator, Chris Voss

Are you ready and able to expertly negotiate all the deals that happen in your life? From big business deals to where to eat for dinner to bedtime with the kids, life can be a …

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Keep Room For Magic…

“All your goals are nice...but keep room for Magic”, the old man drinking his steamy coffee said. He continued. “Everyone is in a hurry to have it figured out. To know …

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Dan Kuschell: Entrepreneural Path To Rapid Growth And Freedom

  Complexity and overwhelm will stop impact in it's tracks. Are you one of the entrepreneurs that is getting caught up in complexity? Listen to it in our Podcasts on …

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Interview with Retired Navy SEAL David Goggins Might Just Be The Fittest, Toughest, and Most Inspiring Man on Earth

  David Goggins might just be the fittest, toughest, and most inspiring man on the planet… but he did not start out that way. Listen to it in our Podcasts on …

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Experts Rave About Ed O'Keefe


“Not only is Ed one of my best friends, he’s also one of the smartest people I know. It’s rare someone can successfully start, self-fund, and scal multiple companies in multiple markets he knew nothing about. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding dad, husband, and person!”

Vince Fisher,Author of “A Better You! Your Best Investment!” Chairman and CEO


“The Best Thing about Ed is he lives his concept of “Time Collapsing!” Whenever I’ve given him an idea or strategy, next thing I know he has it done and done well! If you want to learn from a guy who is in the trenches and is doing what he is teach- that is Ed!”

Roland Frasier; Best Selling Author, Principal at Medusa


“Ed O’Keefe is one of the smartest business minds out there ... when he talks, I listen”

Ezra Firestone


“I don’t know how Ed does it. Being a great entrepreneur is tough and requires you to grind and be a true DreamChaser. Combine that with being a Super-Dad of 7 kids and you have a true DreamChaser keeping it real.”

Com Mirza; Billion Dollar Mastermind, Global Investor, Chief Dream Chaser