Brian Kurtz: The Lost Art of Using Direct Mail & The Internet To Scale Any Business


Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Ed O’Keefe Show. On this episode I have a very special guest Mr. Brian Kurtz.

Brian was the Executive VP at a one of the most renowned direct response marketing and publishing businesses of all time, Boardroom Inc. For 33 years he was the right hand, where he went from list management to the direct response side, to managing copywriters to running it for many years. Now before you wonder if this is for you or not, let me just tell you when I went into this interview my number one goal was to listen to how Brian and Boardroom went from a company from zero to doing hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and mailing as Brian says in the interview close to 2 Billion direct mail pieces of all time.

One of the secrets that I’ve discovered in our business is that everything’s about the list meaning who are you communicating with, and then how you reach them. So in this episode we discuss how to scale the business, any business, from a mathematical perspective and it’s not going be the same math you think you’ve already heard before. So dive in, enjoy, share it, let me know what you think!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
51:00 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail by Richard V. Benson

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:30 Teaser
00:30 – 3:19  Introduction
3:19 – 11:43 Work history and present time focus
11:43 – 17:01 Optimization team in converting traffic
17:01- 18:01 Tracking by metrics (lifetime value of original source and renewal rates at different time periods)
18:01 – 23:39 Concept of how to promote and how to respond
23:39 – 1:09:00 Q/A How far are you willing to be negative?
>28:03 – 51:29 Value ladder
>> 29:28 – 33:19 Contact strategy
>> 33:19 – 51:29 Regression offering
51:29 – 1:03:40 Q/A How many of the secrets are still true?
1:03:40 – 1:09:00 Q/A What are you studying and why?
1:09:00 – 1:15:47 – How to contact
1:15:47 – 1:18:03 Closing remarks
1:18:03 – 1:21:02 Sponsor

People Mentioned:
1:04:27 Ryan Deiss
1:04:51 Jeff Walker
1:06:43 Stu Mclaren
1:06:50 Robert Scrob

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