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Business Explosion Mindset LIVE (1)

Today I’m bringing to you the first 20 minutes of my Business Explosion Health Intensive. That’s right! The $7,000 weekend where business owners flew from all over the world to learn how I grew my business from zero to many millions in a very, very rapid phase.

I dove right in explained some real insights as to why I got into my business. By going behind the scenes you will get to discover the difference between truth and fiction. Live events I feel are where I’m most entertaining, most enjoyable to be around because you just can’t get the energy through just doing virtual training, face-to-face is just so much more effective!

So in this training you’re going to hear some of the stories that I don’t tell over webinars or other trainings. You’ll get to hear a little bit about my learning strategies and why having certain mental models is very, very important when endeavoring out to a new journey, whether it’s a new business, a new career or whatever it might be for you. There are certain things you will hit if you are trying to improve or get better at something. So I hope you enjoy this 21 minutes of power! Let me know what you think and make it an awesome day!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
15:15 – Mastery: A Technology for Excellence and Personal Evolution by  Tim Piering
19:58 – Winning Through Intimidation by  Robert J. Ringer

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:25 – Teaser
00:25 – 02:55 – Introduction
02:55 – 08:34 Mindset sharing
08:34 – 14:32 What drove Ed to teach and Business Grinding
14:32 – 16:32 “It’s the driver, not the vehicle” example
16:32 – 18:20 Overwhelmed/Confusion/Frustration Phase
18:20 – 19:23 Mileage
19:23 – 21:15 Principle we can apply to anything
>19:26- 19:52 Sequential Linear Thinking
>19:52 – 21:15 Leapfrogging
21:16 – 24:11 Sponsors

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