Chapter 1: A New Face Of Possibility by Ed O’Keefe


Do you have an idea that hasn’t been created yet?  Perhaps it has been created but you know that you could do it better? It’s time to harness that power and move forward with your destiny.

Let me share with you the first chapter of my book, Time Collapsing: The new art of speed, money, power, & meaning. I’ll show you the distinct patterns that are happening with almost all wildly successful people. Many of these people are creating massive disruption in their industries. These real world examples are your teachers.

I’ll share with you the stories of many game changers, including:

  • Sara Blakely, creator and CEO of Spanx
  • Author and speaker, Tim Ferris
  • Navy Seal commander Mark Divine, creator of SealFit
  • JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter
  • & Oprah Winfrey

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Selected Links from the Episode:
04:29 NetJets
08:19 Forbes
08:31 Spanx
08:59 Living with a Seal – Interview with Jesse Itzler
09:39 Sara Blakely Shares Success Story
11:57 Tim Ferriss Podcast
14:33 I did Kokoro 40- Hooyah
15:14 Kokoro Yoga
15:55 Vinnie Fisher’s Fully Accountable
19:33 Oprah Interviews JK Rowling
27:23 Opra on Surrender
30:02 Mike Rowe full interview

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:41 Teaser
00:41 – 00:54 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:54 – 02:53 Episode Introduction
02:53 – 06:11 Jesse Itzler’s business success
06:11 – 08:38 Sara Blakely’s business success
08:38 – 09:23 Jesse Itzler & Sara Living with a Seal
09:23 – 11:51 Time Collapsing Patterns & Structures
11:51 – 13:51 Tim Ferriss’ business success
13:51 – 15:47 Mark Divine’s Training
15:47 – 17:48 Vinnie Fisher’s business success
17:48 – 19:23 Experience with Perry
19:23 – 25:00 JK Rowling’s writing
25:00 – 32:26 Working on your own Business & Personal stories
32:26 – 33:04 Closing remarks
33:04 – 33:40 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro

People Mentioned:
05:28 Warren Buffett
05:30 Bershire Hathaway
06:12 Sara Blakely
08:02 Oprah Winfrey
13:51 Mark Divine
28:22 Mike Rowe

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Experts Rave About Ed O'Keefe


“I love how Ed operates, because he’s a grinder. He doesn’t stop and is never afraid to learn completely new skillsets...then become excellent at them.”

Chad Hamzeh, Founder of D2V2 Media; Media Buying


“Not only is Ed one of my best friends, he’s also one of the smartest people I know. It’s rare someone can successfully start, self-fund, and scal multiple companies in multiple markets he knew nothing about. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding dad, husband, and person!”

Vince Fisher,Author of “A Better You! Your Best Investment!” Chairman and CEO


“I don’t know how Ed does it. Being a great entrepreneur is tough and requires you to grind and be a true DreamChaser. Combine that with being a Super-Dad of 7 kids and you have a true DreamChaser keeping it real.”

Com Mirza; Billion Dollar Mastermind, Global Investor, Chief Dream Chaser


“I’ve known Ed for years now. Have been on his stage, have mentored him, and have seen him consistently deliver great results for his clients. If you are looking for new insights that combines wisdom of the ages with a competitive edge that works today, Ed is one of the best.”

Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author of Psychology of Achievement, Goals, Focus