Grow, Scale, and Be Accountable | with Vince Fisher

Focus, focus, focus. It’s the key to sticking to the plan you built your business on. The problem is, most entrepreneurs are extremely creative and highly motivated, and as creative types, it often feels impossible to maintain focus when there are so many other exciting opportunities on the horizon!

But single-mindedly sticking to your business’s original value proposition is so important if you want to see consistent growth.

Today, Vinnie Fisher – lawyer, entrepreneur, and all-around smart-as-a-whip businessman – joins us to share insights on staying the course to prevent premature pivoting, and how to keep your business’s priorities in check. Tune in!

In this episode, you will…

  • Get Vinnie’s 6 Critical Areas to Run Your Business
  • Learn to develop a vision and goal for your business
  • Discover when to downsize, when to switch gears, and when to grow your team
  • Realize how important the back-end metrics of your business are
  • Understand how important it is to cultivate a team

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Selected Links from the Episode:
03:40 Living with a SEAL (Book)
02:26 Zico Coconut water

Show Notes:
00:00 – 01:25 Teaser
01:25 – 01:38 Ed O’Keefe Show Introduction
01:38 – 04:26 Episode Introduction
04:26 – 06:20 Jesse Itzler and his book
06:20 – 09:57 Race experience & meeting David Goggins (SEAL)
09:57 – 12:26 Convincing David to live with him
12:26 – 14:34 Sara’s reaction with Jesse inviting a SEAL to live with them
14:34 – 18:41 David (SEAL) moving in with Jesse’s family
18:41 – 20:58 Mental Toughness and Awareness
20:58 – 24:34 Pushing the limits, being capable of doing so much more
24:34 – 26:05 Workouts
26:05 – 30:03 The most fun workouts
30:03 – 33:00 Kevin Garnett bonding with David (SEAL)
33:00 – 36:00 Going a business meeting with David (SEAL)
36:00 – 40:57 Skinhead Story
40:57 – 42:46 Ed’s black-belt friend (Lloyd Irving)
42:46 – 45:40 David’s level of security
|45:40 – 47:44 Jesse’s Advice to David
47:44 – 55:26 Jesse’s Career, Super Power, and Network
55:26 – 58:16 Jesse’s Go NY Go
58:16 – 59:23 Any influence that Mark Cuban had on Jesse
59:23 – 60:17 Being a part owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks
01:00:17 – 01:05:44 Hell on The Hill Event and #2016OfEverything
01:05:44 – 01:06:46 Ending Remarks
01:06:46 – 01:10:50 Invitation on Time Collapsing Mega Conference
01:10:50 – 01:11:20 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro
01:11:20 – 01:12:12 Thank you from Ed

People Mentioned:
01:58 Marquis Jet
02:02 Warren Buffet
03:43 David Goggins
03:45 Sara Blakely
06:25 Spanx
30:11 Kevin Garnett
42:22 Lloyd Irvin
46:25 American Sniper
58:30 Mark Cuban
1:06:02 Lewis Howes
1:08:11 Roland Frasier

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Experts Rave About Ed O'Keefe


“Not only is Ed one of my best friends, he’s also one of the smartest people I know. It’s rare someone can successfully start, self-fund, and scal multiple companies in multiple markets he knew nothing about. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding dad, husband, and person!”

Vince Fisher,Author of “A Better You! Your Best Investment!” Chairman and CEO


“I love how Ed operates, because he’s a grinder. He doesn’t stop and is never afraid to learn completely new skillsets...then become excellent at them.”

Chad Hamzeh, Founder of D2V2 Media; Media Buying


“The Best Thing about Ed is he lives his concept of “Time Collapsing!” Whenever I’ve given him an idea or strategy, next thing I know he has it done and done well! If you want to learn from a guy who is in the trenches and is doing what he is teach- that is Ed!”

Roland Frasier; Best Selling Author, Principal at Medusa


“I’ve known Ed for years now. Have been on his stage, have mentored him, and have seen him consistently deliver great results for his clients. If you are looking for new insights that combines wisdom of the ages with a competitive edge that works today, Ed is one of the best.”

Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author of Psychology of Achievement, Goals, Focus