Chapter 2: The Trap by Ed O’Keefe


Life is full of traps.  The worst traps are those you don’t see or recognize that you’ve fallen into.  So many of us are searching for the rules and tools to succeed but the rules themselves are the traps.

It’s time to crawl out of the traps and into an open mind space where we can discover who we are and what our core purpose really is.  In Chapter Two “The Trap” of my book Time Collapsing!, we’ll discuss some of the most common traps you can find yourself in and why they aren’t beneficial to your growth.

We dig deeper into:

  • Why most people aren’t experiencing the life they want
  • The different types of traps that are holding you back
  • How emotional intelligence plays into your success

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:27 Teaser
00:27 – 00:40 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:40 – 01:15 Episode Introduction: The Trap
01:15 – 05:50 Short story and living in The Trap
05:50 – 07:33 The Trap explained
07:33 – 11:14 The Step-Ladder Trap, Path & Success
11:14 – 16:10 The Education Trap
16:10 – 18:45 The Approval Trap
18:45 – 25:03 The Societal Obligation Trap
25:03 – 27:41 The Time Trap
27:41 – 31:52 The Busy Trap
31:52 – 34:34 The Someday Trap
34:34 – 36:38 The Trap Chapter
36:38 – 37:22 Chapter 3: Losing the Friction brief intro
37:22 – 38:54 Mega Conference invitation
38:54 – 39:30 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro
39:30 – 43:29 Mega Conference Invitation and the Book: Time Collapsing

People Mentioned:
38:04 – Dan Roitman

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