Chapter 3: Losing the Friction by Ed O’Keefe


One of the biggest problems with self-help and success programs is that you leave with more on your to-do list than when you started.  It’s time to “Lose The Friction” as we dive into the third chapter of Time Collapsing.  When you lose the friction, you eliminate the meaningless work or relationships that are holding you back.

We’ll discuss:

  • How removing the friction in your life can help you pick up speed
  • The steps to letting go of the friction
  • Using zero base thinking to decide what you need to let go of
  • Why emotional control is so vital
  • Behind the scenes of the stories in this chapter

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:17 Teaser
00:17 – 00:32 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:32 – 01:23 Chapter 3: Losing the Friction Episode Introduction
01:23 – 02:04 The Friction
02:04 – 03:31 Mike’s Coach
03:31 – 04:35 Time Collapser
04:35 – 06:15 Lesson 1: Removing the Friction
06:15 – 08:33 Lesson 2: It’s Not My Fault
08:33 – 09:49 Lesson 3: This opportunity may not be the best fit, but it’s to good to pass out
09:49 – 12:04 Lesson 4: I’ll Just wait and see
12:04 – 13:24 Lesson 5: I’m not in control
13:24 – 14:33 Emotional State 1: Take Control of you Breathe
14:33 – 19:47 Emotional State 2: Control your Physiology and Body Posture
19:47 – 20:51 Lesson 6: I signed for this, I can’t quit now
20:51 – 22:43 Lesson 7: I just can’t quit a friendship, partnership or relationship
22:43 – 24:31 Lesson 8: Judgement
24:31 – 28:55 Lesson 9: I’m so overwhelmed, Its great
28:55 – 30:06 Lesson 10: I need approval, permission from others
30:06 – 30:49 Tectonic Shift Brief Intro
30:49 – 31:49 Chapter 6: Modeling Brief Intro
31:49 – 33:54 Next chapter: The Freedom Question Brief Intro
33:54 – 34:10 Mega Conference and the Book: Time Collapsing
34:10 – 36:33 Embracing Imperfectness, being Mentally Tough and Enjoying Life
36:33 – 37:54 The Mental Cycle & Mega Conference Invitation
37:54 – 38:28 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro
38:28 – 42:32 Mega Conference Invitation and the Book: Time Collapsing

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