Creating A Fail Proof Online Health Product Business

In this quick little video I will share how to create a fail proof online health product business. I’m really excited to share this with you because this is probably one of the unique factors that you’re not going to get at any typical seminar or really in any course! My goal is to show you behind a curtain of what it actually takes to run a successful health product business online. And the same principles I’m about to show you right now actually apply to offline businesses as well. So it all kind of starts with this simple question…

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Selected Links from the Episode:
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13:33 –

Show Notes:
0:00 – 0:47 Introduction
00:22 – 2:56 Sponsors
02:56 – 04:24 Acid Test Question
04:24 – 06:11  Guaranteed to go Broke Formula
>4:29  – 4:36 Great idea; product or story
>4:36 – 5:09  I will go out and sell it to *insert market*
>5:09 – 6:11 Assume that the idea will work
6:11 – 12:28 Fail Proof Formula
>6:11 – 7:18 Target Market
>7:18 – 8:10 Who is already successful selling items?
>8:10 – 8:35 Traffic History
>8:35 – 9:51 How are they Selling to Them
>9:51 – 17:15 How they get Traffic
>09:51 – 11:49
>11:49 – 13:33 Offline
>13:33 –  15:34
15:34 –  18:41 What you can do now

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