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Complexity and overwhelm will stop impact in it’s tracks. Are you one of the entrepreneurs that is getting caught up in complexity?

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Dan Kuschell his here to help you simplify. Dan is business growth strategist and the founder of Growth to Freedom.

Dan is on a mission to help more entrepreneurs have a bigger impact in the world by reducing complexity and overwhelm in their life and business. In this episode of the podcast Dan dives into his story and how three simple questions lead him to sell his business and ultimately make a bigger contribution to the world.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn the 6 capabilities you need to master as an entrepreneur
  • Understand the importance of getting selfish
  • Discover the three questions that lead Dan to sell his business
  • Realize what most high performing entrepreneurs truly want

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Selected Links:
03:42 The Power of Broke by Daymond John

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:13 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:13 – 02:10 Background Success of Dan Kuschell
02:10 – 03:27 KnowFoods.com invested by Ed O’keefe
03:27 – 10:15 Introduction of Dan Kuschell
10:15 – 15:13 First Company
15:13 – 18:58 The Entrepreneurial Bug
18:58 – 20:25 Observations and Breakthroughs on Entrepreneurs
20:25 – 27:27 3 Paradigm Questions
27:27 – 29:20 Leadership is and Leadership does
29:20 – 32:52 Framework of 5 Questions
32:52 – 34:12 What does High Entrepreneurs truly want at the end of the day
34:12 – 40:30 Layers of Entrepreneurs
40:30 – 42:05 Who Am I and How do I push out value to that place
42:05 – 46:32 6 Funnels of Company
46:32 – 50:52 Where to recommend Entrepreneurs
50:52 – 58:35 Being High level Optimizer, Direct Response Copywriter, & Marketer
58:35 – 01:02:38 Dan Kuschell in the future
01:02:38 – 01:04:05 Subscribing on Dan Kuschell’s Podcast
01:04:05 – 01:05:00 The Connected Network of Value
01:05:00 – 01:07:05 Genuis Network
01:07:05 – 01:08:29 Subscribe Ed’Okeefe’s Podcast & Visit website edokeefeshow.com
01:08:29 – 01:09:07 Ed O’Keefe Show outro

People Mentioned:
06:10 Earl Nightingale
10:10 Tony Robbins
10:11 Tom Hopkins
10:12 Brian Tracy
01:04:48 Brian Kurtz
01:03:50 Richard Rossi

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