Direct Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Biz | An Interview with Brian Kurtz

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Are you maximizing marketing opportunities in your business?

Do you know exactly what the specific ROI is for each marketing channel that you are using?

Today, we’re talking all things marketing with the one and only Brian Kurtz.

Not only is Brian a Legendary Direct Marketer, but he spent 34 years at Boardroom, and was responsible for over 2 billion pieces of direct mail. More recently Brian started “Titans of Marketing”, which was an event that featured some other big names in copywriting and marketing. He is in the multi-channel marketing world, so he has a unique perspective. He specializes in helping companies go offline with their marketing efforts.

Brian is focused on contributing value to the lives of everyone he touches. He has hosted more than 150 of the famous Boardroom Dinners and knows the secret to creating a space for networking and business to take place organically.

Under Brian’s marketing leadership, Boardroom sold millions of subscriptions and tens of millions of consumer, health and business-related books; and during his career at Boardroom, revenues went from approximately $5 million (in 1981) to a high of over $150 million (in 2006).

His mission for the next 35 years (as the Founder of “Titans Marketing LLC”), is to be the bridge between the eternal truths of direct response marketing and all that is considered state-of-the-art direct response marketing today.

In September of 2014, to kick off that mission, Brian hosted what has been called the event of the decade which was called the “Titans of Direct Response.”

“Titans” brought together the greatest minds in direct response marketing from the last 50 years as both speakers and participants.

Information on the epic conference is at,

Brian continues this mission today as “the bridge” by co-authoring The Advertising Solution; creating mastermind groups consisting of the world’s leading direct response companies committed to multi-channel marketing; and consulting closely with (and advising) bleeding edge companies to create best-in-class marketing programs and messaging.

He also writes and speaks regularly. Recent content can be found at

But truth be told, Brian is really just a Little League Baseball Umpire and does this direct marketing stuff on the side…his ultimate goal is to umpire in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA while he is still upright…and he hopes it happens soon…

In today’s episode we learn:

  • What direct marketing tactics can be used to build on online business
  • Why marketing alone won’t sell your products, and neither will copywriting. Find out what it takes to have a winning combination!
  • The most important aspect of marketing and why you can never go wrong by focusing on contributing value to others.

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Show Notes:

  • Contribute to connect is still the main goal of networking
  • Brian has 2 mastermind groups
  • The ghost of who you are
  • Transitioning from an owner to an operator of a company changes things
  • What a bank account called “relationship capital” can do for you
  • Why even the best products don’t sell themselves
  • Every piece of marketing that you do needs to be measurable
  • RFM – the cornerstone of direct marketing
  • How to incentivize marketing teams – traffic, copywriter, list manager, etc.
  • Who should get the biggest checks in your marketing organization
  • How to counteract the scarcity mindset that is prevalent today in internet marketing
  • Why people are willing to give up 50% revenue to get a good list
  • O to O to O – multi-channel marketing and why it gets Brian going
  • Why online marketers should learn direct marketing principles

People Mentioned:

Marty Edleston

Tim Larkin

Rick Frishman

Joe Polish

Frank Kern

Gene Schwartz

Dan Kennedy


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