From Training Pro Fighters, Mansion Parties, and Controversial New Healing Methods | An Interview with Ed Clay


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It’s not every day that I use “serial entrepreneur” and “MMA fighter” in the same sentence. But it’s necessary to do that because my guest today is Ed Clay. Way back when, Ed had a stint as pro MMA fighter and went on to become a well-respected MMA instructor. Along the way he founded the largest MMA training school in the country.

But Ed has interests well beyond MMA. He’s an intense student of alternative medicine and helped to reopen the original Gerson Therapy hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, now called CHIPSA.

His other adventures include going on the road as a personal trainer for professional musicians. He also established the East Ivy Mansion in Nashville, a popular historic event venue.

Ed Clay is a true Renaissance man! More than that, this is a guy who makes his dreams happen! Come along on a great conversation with an extraordinary person!

In this episode you will . . .

• Go on a wild ride through the many stages of Ed Clay’s professional life
• Hear about Ed’s experience with pain med addiction and the success he had with ibogaine, a drug not yet legal in the U.S.
• Discover an insider’s perspective on the world of alternative medicine
• Learn about the challenges Big Pharma and the FDA present to alternative medicine treatments in the U.S.
• Get a bonus self-defense tip from a former MMA fighter and instructor

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Selected Links from the Episode:
44:25 How to Influence People by Dale Carnegie
44:34 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Convey

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:17 Teaser
00:17 – 02:55 Ed O’Keefe Introduction
02:55 – 04:09 Greetings & Hospital in Mexico
04:09 – 06:49 Road to recovery of Ed’s Mom
06:49 – 11:50 How it all started
11:50 – 13:15 How Ibogaine helped him
13:15 – 17:47 Discussed the treatments in his Hospital
17:47 – 21:47 Types of therapy
19:23 – 22:32 Team of Doctors
22:32 – 25:42 Mental and Spritual journey
25:42 – 33:59 Controversies
33:59 – 35:49 Crossing the border
35:49 – 42:20 Entrepreneurial story
42:20 – 44:46 Biggest takeaway as an observer
44:46 – 46:35 Home in Nashville
46:44 – 47:11 Q&A What are you reading or studying right now
47:11 – 47:31 Q&A If you’re in a fight right now do you know where you wanna take the fight?
47:31 – 51:32 Q&A If I were in a true self defense method, what’s one thing that I could takeaway that I should stick in my head
51:32 – 52:29 Q&A What are you looking forward the most to?
52:29 – 55:08 Final Thoughts
54:57 – 56:29 MarineD3 Sponsor
56:29 – 57:28 Dormant Forces Sponsor
57:28 – 58:04 Ed O’Keefe outro

People Mentioned:
01:11 Dan Kennedy

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Experts Rave About Ed O'Keefe


“I’ve known Ed for years now. Have been on his stage, have mentored him, and have seen him consistently deliver great results for his clients. If you are looking for new insights that combines wisdom of the ages with a competitive edge that works today, Ed is one of the best.”

Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author of Psychology of Achievement, Goals, Focus


“I don’t know how Ed does it. Being a great entrepreneur is tough and requires you to grind and be a true DreamChaser. Combine that with being a Super-Dad of 7 kids and you have a true DreamChaser keeping it real.”

Com Mirza; Billion Dollar Mastermind, Global Investor, Chief Dream Chaser


“I love how Ed operates, because he’s a grinder. He doesn’t stop and is never afraid to learn completely new skillsets...then become excellent at them.”

Chad Hamzeh, Founder of D2V2 Media; Media Buying


“The Best Thing about Ed is he lives his concept of “Time Collapsing!” Whenever I’ve given him an idea or strategy, next thing I know he has it done and done well! If you want to learn from a guy who is in the trenches and is doing what he is teach- that is Ed!”

Roland Frasier; Best Selling Author, Principal at Medusa