How To “Scout” The Health Supplement Industry…


The two photos here are real live examples of “text link ads” on a site where I buy advertising. The top photo is a screenshot I took 2 years ago of all the advertisers on this popular conservative news site.

The photo of the bottom is a screenshot I took today in 2015. What do you see?

#1: There are more advertisers!  I conclude that it means the health market has gotten stronger online the past 2 years.

#2: The same offers that were working 2 years ago, are still working now! Conclusion: Create a compelling bad ass offer and it can be a long term asset that consistently puts cash in your bank account.

This will tell you what offers have been there for a longer period of time; thus allowing me to know what offers would have “sustainability”.

You’ll notice that COQ10, Prostate, Testosterone, Diet Pills, Belly Fat, and Erectile Dysfunction are on both screen shots.

Conclusion? knowing just this would let you know that

Now, at the intensive, I’ll take you WAAAAY deeper into how I deep-dive into these funnels and use other competitive tools to validate my conclusions.

Then I’ll show you how to identify everywhere else these offers are running so you can have a media plan based on someone elses proven spend if you like.

The trick to Validate Their Traffic is To Use A Tool Like


This site example that I’m showing here is featured in one of the text link ads above.

200,000 visitors a month isn’t a big deal, but what grabbed my attention is that when I went to see where they were getting their traffic…I noticed a CHANGE in their Top 3 Traffic Sources and an increase.


What you see above is that they are getting 51,000 visitors from Facebook and it is a 47% increase, Google, 34,928 (a 108% increase), and a 294% increase from Yahoo.

I would then take this, use either Facebook Insights or another tool to see what they are running and doing on Facebook that has created the bump.

Are they running a ton of traffic to articles, then using retargeting?

Are they going to a lead generation page?

What is their  main offer?

Since I’ve been in the game for 6 years, one thing I know that no tool would tell you, is that they used to get all their traffic from GOOGLE.

Things have changed:-)

What Do You Do Next?

  • You Find their Ads(s). This takes me about 30 seconds using another tool.
  • You set up another email that you don’t mind having a ton of junk email in.
  • Video tape the process of “opting in” using a free tool like JING or Camtasia.
  • Create a folder to hold all the assets and create a mind-map of the entire process.

You now have a blue-print of a successful online health business.

This particular example is an information/health news site that actually lead generates then sells some ebooks and advertising. They make all of their money selling advertising.

This is one more way to monetize your list and at the private event I’ll show exactly how to do this AND who can help monetize your list for you.


By being on their email list, you’ll start seeing other offers via their emails coming out.  But you don’t care about EVERY offer…you just want to see the most successful ones, right?

Here is 1 of the 2 ways to do this: let the emails from that media source and other media sources accumulate.

After a couple months, you simply sort your email inbox by “Subject line”. You’ll see that there will be some subject lines that will be identical. If you are following a few different newsletter lists, then you’ll probably see the same subject line from multiple sources.

When You See the Same Subject Line Mailed Multiple Times To the Same Subscribers- What Does This Tell You?

There is a 95% chance that the reason they are running that subject line in multiple places is because it is working. Just look at the example below from one source. The Source of the emails are deleted… but you can see the subject lines and dates the email arrived.


This offer has been running every 7-14 days to probably 400,000 -800,000 subscribers in just 1 newsletter. They are spending a LOT of money to do this.

If I had a testosterone product, or a product that can make men feel stronger, younger, and more viril. This list would do VERY well. I would also be looking at how they structured their offer.

The process that I’m trying to show you is literally bullet-proof if you follow the steps and understand the rules.
After you have the assets, the offer, the lists, and the gameplan, now what?

Well, one way to scale this is to work with a trusted and well-experienced media buyer and a do a couple minimum buys to some lists and sites that have potential for scale.

This could cost you anywhere between $2,500-$5,000 to do. If you are working with a pro (whom I’ll introduce you to) and you have followed all the steps laid out, you will not bomb. You will have the best opportunity for success out of the gate possible.

Every time, you need to set up a testing game-plan for these “ground zero” tests.

This way, you are setting yourself up for a real plan, rather than haphazardly going at it. It amazes me how people say they want to have an 8 figure business, but they plan like a 5 figure thinker!

If you want to create an extra $3,000,000 to $20,000,000 a year in revenue, then you must have a split testing game-plan and understand you will be INVESTING in this business. If you don’t have that mindset, then this business is not for you.

Sometimes an offer will be crushing it out of the gate. At this point, the buyer I work with will come back to you and tell you how much more testing they need to do and how much traffic you should expect.

Once they have enough data, they will be able to consistently predict that how many sales they can get you at a certain cost per click (cpc) or cost per acquisition (cpa).

What happens if the offer is a little below break even or at break even?

That’s up to you, but my suggestion is to think: “not a problem. we have a testing game-plan and if we are a little negative while optimizing this, then lets keep doing our minimum viable tests”

This allows you to acquire customers (who you put on your backend)…while you are learning by running tests…and working with a highly viable scalable traffic source!

That is what it looks like when you are acting like a pro.

Sidenote: As I write this, I am doing this exact process offline as well. the fundamental are the same, but the key is WHO you are working with, what are the key areas to test, and how do you line everything up to work smoothly.

There is definitely an art and science to it, but you also need to realize that you are INVESTING in a business. Not a shiny object that will be gone in 1 month once Google or Facebook changes their algorithms.

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