Interview with Retired Navy SEAL David Goggins Might Just Be The Fittest, Toughest, and Most Inspiring Man on Earth



David Goggins might just be the fittest, toughest, and most inspiring man on the planet… but he did not start out that way.

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David graduated 213th out of 214 in his high school class. He bombed his first two attempts at the ASVAB test which would allow him to enlist in the military and basically had to re-learn the entire high school curriculum in just six months in order to pass on his third attempt.

But that when his journey really started…

David went from weighing over 300 pounds to becoming the 36th African American to become a Navy SEAL in the history of the program.

Tune in to hear David’s inspiring story of fighting through suffering, of overcoming obstacles, and finding a whole new level of himself.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to David channels suffering into pride
  • Understand how when you push yourself, you are able to use negative thoughts as energy
  • Discover how the negative perspective can actually create an optimistic outlook
  • Realize the importance of looking for approval within yourself, not externally

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:13 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:13 – 04:28 Guest Introduction by Ed O’Keefe
04:28 – 06:25 Navy SEAL David Goggins Introduction
06:25 – 08:57 Social Issues
08:57 – 10:00 Learning Process
10:00 – 15:51 Getting into Military
15:51 – 18:20 Listening & taking others opinion
18:20 – 21:11 Hell Week (Navy Seal Training)
21:11 – 26:55 Jessie Itzler’s 100 ultra Marathon
26:55 – 28:38 David Goggins Motivations
28:38 – 33:44 Operation Red Wing
33:44 – 35:35 Running 100 miles track
35:35 – 39:50 What you see inside David Goggins
39:50 – 42:30 The One Second Decision
42:30 – 44:04 Everybody is looking for approval outside
44:04 – 45:36 Meeting Jessie Itzler
45:36 – 47:30 Best Transformation
47:30 – 50:27 What’s next for David Goggins
50:27 – 51:52 Subscribe & Visit website
51:52 – 56:09 Ed’Okeefe’s Anti-Inflammation Health Pack
56:09 – 56:40 Ed O’Keefe Show outro

People Mentioned:
21:37 Mark Divine
25:24 Jessie Itzler

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