Jesse Itzler: Living with a SEAL


My interview with Jesse Itzler is absolutely awesome! This guy is a trip, he’s hysterical, he’s a business bad*ss and he’s a warrior athlete. He was crazy enough to hire a navy seal and not just any navy seal, a complete and utter bad dude who you’ll learn more about in this interview we have together. If you haven’t read the book, “Living with a seal” you are going to be inspired to do that.

A little bit of a background on Jesse; he was a rapper in his early 20s. He’s well known for his popular New York Knicks anthem called “Go New York go New York go!” which I asked him about in the interview.  He co-founded Marquis Jet, the world’s largest prepaid private jet card company in 2001 which he and his partner sold to Berkshire Hathaway. He then helped pioneer the coconut water craze with ZICO coconut water which he and his partner sold to the Coca Cola company in 2013. Nowadays you can find Jesse at NBA’s Atlanta Hawks games where he is the owner, and you will hear more about in our interview.  Jesse married the founder of the company called Spanx which all women know about, Sara Blakely. You’re going to be in for a treat while listening to this interview. I was in heaven interviewing this guy! Enjoy!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
01:15 Living with a SEAL (Book)
02:02 Zico Coconut water
59:21 Hell on the Hill

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:30 Teaser
00:30 – 01:20 Intro
01:20 – 03:17 Jesse Itzler’s Brief Background
03:17 – 05:17 Ed Presents Jesse Itzler
05:17 – 10:10 Jesse’s Living with a SEAL
10:10 – 11:19 Race Experience with the SEAL
11:19 – 13:31 Jesse’s Wife Sara reaction living with a SEAL
13:31 – 17:53 SEAL moving in with Jesse
17:53 – 19:53 Mental Toughness and Awareness
19:53 – 23:31 Pushing the limits, being capable of doing so much more
23:31 – 25:02 Workouts
25:02 – 28:58 The most fun workouts and Jesse’s experience doing the workouts
28:58 – 31:51 The SEAL and Kevin Garnett
31:51 – 34:57 The Meeting
34:57 – 39:26 Skinhead Story
39:26 – 41:06 Ed’s Friend
41:06 – 44:24 David’s level of security
44:24 – 46:40 Jesse’s Advice to David
46:40 – 54:11 Jesse’s Career, Super Power, and Network
54:11 – 57:08 Jesse’s Go NY Go
57:08 – 58:14 Any influence that Mark Cuban had on Jesse
58:14 – 59:15 Atlanta Hawks
59:15 – 01:04:42 Hell on The Hill Event and #2016OfEverything
01:04:42 – 01:05:45 Ending Remarks
01:05:45 – 01:07:14 MD3 Sponsor
01:07:14 – 01:08:14 Dormant Sponsor

People Mentioned:
01:39 Michael Jordan
01:40 Knicks
01:45 Marquis Jet
01:54 Berkshire Hathaway
01:55 Warren Buffet
02:06 Coca Cola Company
02:27 Atlanta Hawks
02:40 Spanx
02:44 Sara Blakely
09:14 David Goggins
29:05 Kevin Garnett
45:18 American Sniper
46:45 The Art of Time Collapsing
57:22 Mark Cuban
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