Jump Face First into the Universe Without Fear | An Interview with Paul Kirchoff

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Success. How do YOU measure it?

Is it purely a matter of the income level you achieve or is there more to it?

My guest today would answer that success comes only through complete emotional independence. What he means is the kind of emotional independence that allows you to jump face first into the universe with no fears or insecurities. Sound intriguing? Join us!

Paul Kirchoff is an avid entrepreneur that will blow you away with his insight into business, money, adventure, and spirituality. He’s also an investor and global adventurer—-and the list goes on. Currently, Paul serves as the founder and CEO of EPX, an exclusive community for adventuring entrepreneurs wanting to drive faster business success and max out their lives with amazing global experiences. Paul was an early employee at Dell, and was the founder and CEO of SaleAMP, a pay-for-performance digital marketing agency based in Austin, TX.

As if those accomplishments aren’t enough, Paul has directed and sold a film, sold thousands of copies of a corporate thriller novel, and is currently involved in a multinational effort to bring internet connectivity and banking to the poor. He’s also busy building another software venture that will accelerate problem-solving for humanity’s most pressing needs and allow for “adventuring the planet like nobody’s business.” A father and super-bachelor, Paul is a “modern-day James Bond,” as he travels to luxurious and gorgeous places around the world, rubbing shoulders and “hanging out” with such celebrity pals as Richard Branson.

Paul discusses his personal experiences in company startups, including fulfilling the roles of both visionary and operator in the struggle to transition. He shares great advice regarding the different phases of leadership, growth processes, and money strategies.

Another topic in our conversation is the aforementioned emotional independence. What is it—and how do you get it? You do not want to miss Paul’s insight into transforming self, rewiring the brain, and getting rid of insecurities.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how creativity and systems work together in successful business startups
  • Hear Paul’s take on bootstrapping a new endeavor and what it takes to get to “break even” or profitable ASAP
  • Understand the importance of positive mindset and gratitude in achieving what Paul calls the ultimate goal—emotional independence

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Show Notes:

  • Find out how Paul learned the business roles that suit him best
  • You can start a business that you won’t eventually be a slave to
  • Replicating your knowledge and talent in your business can be tough, but it’s necessary to scale
  • Systems – they can liberate you from your business
  • Find out why no possession means more than your happiness
  • There are a billion nightmares between $0 and “making it”
  • What works for you may be completely different than what works for other people. Go with what works.
  • How building a business can help you meet your spiritual needs
  • Designing a business to suit your lifestyle is the holy grail of business building
  • Fear and insecurities seek to derail your from your dreams
  • How you can jump face first, even though you have your doubts
  • Emotional independence is the ultimate goal of any business owner – that is true freedom!


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