Keep Room For Magic…

“All your goals are nice…but keep room for Magic”, the old man drinking his steamy coffee said.

He continued.

“Everyone is in a hurry to have it figured out. To know exactly what to do…in the precise moments, in
the precise way… but that’s foolish talk.

It forgets that there is magic ready to be harnessed…to intervene…and to show you possibilities that
your dreams can’t even think of.

Your dreams are only what your mind can think….

So, if you hold too tight to the idea that you must know…you just pushed out the impossible, the incredible, and the miracle.”


I Love hearing stories about people who “heard a voice”, followed their “gut”, had a feeling,
or saw a vision of something…to build or to create.

Here are 2 examples that I love sharing…and I highlight more of them in my book: “Time Collapsing! The New Art of
Speed, Money, Power, and Meaning!”  or you can grab it on Amazon- click here

Magic Example #1: Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Shares How She Came Up With The Idea That Sold Over 500,000,000 books… 

Oprah JK Rowling

Oprah and JK Rowling talk about how the idea of Harry Potter came to her

Having sold over 500 Million books with her book series Harry Potter, JK Rowling shares a phenomenal story in this interview with Oprah.  At 11:17 in the interview JK tells Oprah how she heard the voice tell her, “The difficult thing is going to be getting published…if it’s published it will be huge.”

What’s more amazing is how the book idea actually came to her. A must watch!

Magic Example #2: Steven Pressfield: Author  ofGates of Hell (Movie: 300), Do the Work, Legend of Bagger Vance…

In this interview on Spartan Podcast with Joe DeSena (founder of Spartan Race and total badass himself), Steven talks about how “books choose you.”  It’s an incredible interview.
I love listening to Pressfield and reading his books: Do The Work!, The War of Art, because he is so blunt about simply getting started, do the work, and let the muse take over. My interpretation in context of this article is: there is magic waiting for you, but you need to start. 

Check out the interview here!

Now, the last resource I want to give you is Michael Singer’s book: “The Surrender Experiment!” 

In one of the chapters, he writes: “I would have no idea where this was taking me, and quite frankly,
it was none of my business.”

Imagine, allowing life to guide you so much that you are willing to let go of your own attachment to things having
to work out exactly as you “think” it should.

Anyhow, let me know what you think of this post.

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