Kokoro- Preparing For SealFit by Ed O’Keefe


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Father of 7, Ed O’Keefe shares how he prepared for SealFit’s Kokoro Camp 40.

If you ever wanted to train like a Seal and experience a glimpse to what Hell Week is like, then Kokoro Camp is for you.

Created by Commander Mark Divine, Seal Fit is an academy that has some of the best training in the world for people who want to test themselves to the ultimate limits.

This video is a quick recap of how Ed O’Keefe, a serial entrepreneur and father of 7, prepared for this 50 Hour Non-Stop Event!

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From the SealFit Website:

SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is, quite simply, the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness, modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week. Yes, it is brutal. No, it’s not for everyone. You may not qualify, or make it through the training. Yet, if you’re ready for this challenge…



Kokoro is designed to break you down, then rebuild you into a powerful leader and consummate team player—the kind that makes everyone else better. Whatever your path in life, the confidence and wisdom gained during this 3-day intensive can multiply your performance and success by a factor that’s impossible for you to even imagine right now.

Kokoro Camp is designed to help you discover the deep power of your resilient spirit over your mind, and your mind’s control over your body. The program is skillfully executed by a cadre of SEALs with over 125 cumulative years of Special Warfare experience.

You’ll be pushed to your limits, because that’s where the biggest breakthroughs happen. That’s also why this is not “something you try”. It takes absolute, 100% commitment. You must have a deep and powerful reason for attending this camp, and be ready to pay the price for the ultimate freedom you’ll gain by the end.”


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Selected Links from the Episode:
5:01 – sealfit.com
8:03 – Ben Greenfield -Kokoro Articles
9:19 – Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield
10:26 – Grinder Pt by Coach Brad
14:56 – The Willing Warrior by Joe Stumpf
15:15 – Way of the Seal by Mark Divine
15:18 – Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine
19:30 – Tim Ferriss- The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me
19:40 – The Warrior Elite by Dick Couch
27:10 – Box Breathing by Mark Divine
31:00 – Lance Cummings Tips on Rucking and Gear
Video -The Ed O’Keefe Show Youtube Channel

Show Notes:
0:00 – 2:03 Introduction
2:03 – 4:22 How it Started
4:22 – 15:00 Preparation Work
15:00 – 21:10 Mindset
21:10 – 29:16 Training
29:16 – 31:25 Rucking and Gear
31:25 – 33:25 Team Work & Leadership vs. Athleticism
33:25 – 36:10 Support with the Experience

People Mentioned:
Mark Divine
Tim Ferriss
Ben Greenfield


Experts Rave About Ed O'Keefe


“I don’t know how Ed does it. Being a great entrepreneur is tough and requires you to grind and be a true DreamChaser. Combine that with being a Super-Dad of 7 kids and you have a true DreamChaser keeping it real.”

Com Mirza; Billion Dollar Mastermind, Global Investor, Chief Dream Chaser


“The Best Thing about Ed is he lives his concept of “Time Collapsing!” Whenever I’ve given him an idea or strategy, next thing I know he has it done and done well! If you want to learn from a guy who is in the trenches and is doing what he is teach- that is Ed!”

Roland Frasier; Best Selling Author, Principal at Medusa


“I love how Ed operates, because he’s a grinder. He doesn’t stop and is never afraid to learn completely new skillsets...then become excellent at them.”

Chad Hamzeh, Founder of D2V2 Media; Media Buying


“Not only is Ed one of my best friends, he’s also one of the smartest people I know. It’s rare someone can successfully start, self-fund, and scal multiple companies in multiple markets he knew nothing about. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding dad, husband, and person!”

Vince Fisher,Author of “A Better You! Your Best Investment!” Chairman and CEO