Lewis Howes: High-Level Athlete, Entrepreneur, & a New York Times Best Seller

This interview I have is with a very special guest and good friend Lewis Howes! You probably heard of him; he is currently a New York Times bestseller for his book called “The School of Greatness”.

In this interview Lewis shares an amazing story of how he went from a high-level athlete to a career ending injury which made him go on the path of entrepreneurship. Nowadays Lewis teaches phenomenal courses at Lewishowes.com where he holds webinars on how to hold webinars for your business, and how to build the life that you want.

This interview is great because we got a chance to talk about a lot of things like how Lewis learned, how he assimilates information rapidly, how he finds mentors, and how he takes action. Lewis shares a surprising story about which story out of his entire book, is the the most impactful. The story is profound about overcoming obstacles and dealing with adversity.

So I know you’ll love this interview; please let me know what you think of it. And share with those who could benefit from it!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
32:09 Mastery (Book)
57:48 The Gift (Book)
59:19 The 4-Hour Workweek
1:04:26 School of Greatness podcast
1:07:55 Your Erroneous Zones (Book)
1:11:51 lewishowes.com

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:28 Teaser
00:28 – 02:35 Introduction
02:35 – 12:10 Brief Background of Lewis to success and athletics
12:10 – 17:55 How Lewis fought depression and being an inspiration
17:55 – 23:23 How he came into LinkedIn and use it for business
23:23 – 26:52 Stumbling into webinar and using Social Media websites
26:52 – 33:22 Starting to receive earnings and make more
33:22 – 34:47 Breakthrough depression as an athlete
34:47 – 38:34 Meeting Joe De Cena and Spartan sports
38:34 – 47:34 Lewis Howes’ book and going in Podcast
47:34 – 56:50 Reflection of book to Lewis’ brother
56:50 – 1:04:52 Book’s Process
1:04:52 – 1:10:24 Lewis’ support with other people
1:10:24 – 1:12:25 Closing Remarks, Lewis plans and how to connect with him
1:12:25 – 1:13:59 MarineD3 Sponsor
1:13:59 – 1:14:59 Dormant Forces Sponsor

People Mentioned:
15:24 NFL
18:16 LinkedIn
35:47 Joe De Sena
38:57 Aristotle
39:06 Peter Till
47:43 Tim Piering
58:21 Tim Ferriss
1:05:26 Tony Robbins
1:07:50 Wayne Dyer

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