Making Fridays Count!

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Welcome to my “Making Fridays Count” podcast!  This podcast is about why I believe the concept around making Fridays count has never been more important and why or what you should be focusing on Fridays. If you’re anything like me, the week flies by and you’re sitting there trying to get as much done on Fridays as you possibly can.

You are trying to tie up as many loose ends as you can. The challenge with that is, is that by doing those reactive skill sets it actually sets me up improperly for my weekend and next week.

Our society has become ever increasingly open and that means that people have access to you that shouldn’t, people have opinions they share on Facebook, Twitter that they shouldn’t. And the amount of ability to focus has dramatically shifted and gone down. In this podcast I explain what I mean by that. Check it out below! Make it an awesome Friday!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
1:47 - The Art of Time Collapsing by Ed O’Keefe

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:19 Teaser
00:19 – 00:57 Introduction
00:57 – 02:50 Societal understanding on what success is
02:50 – 05:00 Fridays can be reactive days or focus on long term
05:00 – 07:14 Create a space for the things that matter for the next 3 months
07:14 – 07:54 Last thoughts
07:54 – 08:08 Closing
08:08 – 11:05 Sponsor

People Mentioned:
07:18 - Jeff Bezos

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