Com Mirza: How Com Sold His Business For Over $100 Million Dollars & The Secret Of Making Crazy Dreams Happen

Hey, everybody. It’s Ed O’Keefe, and welcome to this awesome edition of the Ed O’Keefe Show with Mr. Com Mirza. I’m totally stoked for you to listen to this for many, many reasons.

One, I am a big fan of Com. This was the first time I had a chance to actually meet him face to face. We spent a few days together out at an event that we both spoke at in Curasol Island, and for a young guy, he’s very, very sharp.

In this interview, he’ll actually share the story about how his company, that he literally poured every single thing into it, and was on the…Like there’s a very rare chance of it actually succeeding. He meets one guy who had the keys to help him out. He’s trying to raise funds to do the deal. He gets ridiculously shredded, embarrassed, by a venture capitalist, and there’s a weird set of circumstances that happen to make it all come together.

You can call it weird, or you can call it synchronicity, but this guy is awesome. You’re going to hear his investment strategy, his rags-to-riches story, how he ended up taking that company and selling it for hundreds of millions of dollars.

So that’s it. Com’s the man. Enjoy this, listen to it, share it, and I’ll see you on the other end.

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Com Mirza is a multi millionaire serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and investor. With operations and offices in 7 countries, a portfolio of 26 companies, millions customers and a growing staff of hundreds of employees globally.  He currently lives in a multimillion dollar apartment in the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building in downtown Dubai, and is driven to give back via technology, entrepreneurship, education and personal development.

In the beginning of 2012 Com Mirza promised his billionaire mentor he would focus more of his life on contribution, value, education, philanthropy, charity and giving back. He committed to spending a portion of his time every month to help others reach the metalevel and multi millionaire level. Through small and medium size intense masterminds, workshops, seminars and trainings Com Mirza has managed to help over 40+ people become millionaires, and over 300+ people become hundred thousandaires. He’s on a mission to help over 100 people build a net worth of over 1 million dollars.
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Show Notes:
0:16-1:09 Introduction
1:09-1:48 1st business experience
1:48-2:01 Started 8th company
2:01-3:38 Failure and mindset correlation
3:38-9:52 New beginning/business
9:52-12:33 Turning point
12:33-13:37 Mindset
13:37-15:11 Belief system
15:11-21:15 Abundance
21:15-24:39 Creating a thought/meditation
24:39-29:02 Legacy
29:02-29:29 Break
29:29-33:31 Strategy: investment
33:31-40:19 Younger self advice/ interaction strategy
40:19-41:22 Strategy

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