New “CEO” skills with Craig Ballantyne and Matt Smith

On this special episode, Craig Ballantyne editor of Early to Rise interviews CEO consultant, Matt Smith, (also from Early to Rise) about helping clients better manage and communicate with their teams.

They discuss the different needs of CEO’s at different levels of business, setting proper budgets, and applying high level thinking to managing your team.

We also dive into:

  • Finding the right coach for you
  • The art of staying focused and knowing when to say “no”
  • Setting “stop losses”
  • Constructing feedback loops
  • Identifying KPI: Key Performance Indicators
  • Incentive Structures and balancing long term perspectives
  • The “people” part of managing
  • Keeping politics out

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:13 Ed O’Keefe Show Intro
00:13 – 01:52 Guest Introduction by Ed O’Keefe
01:52 – 02:16 Early to Rise Brief Intro by Craig Ballentyne
02:16 – 03:40 Selection Bias
03:40 – 05:11 Can Everyone make it?
05:11 – 06:38 The Incentive Structure
06:38 – 09:05 Financial Goal/Budget of the Business
09:05 – 09:23 Difference of Amature & Professional
09:23 – 10:51 Salaries of CEO’s
10:51 – 13:38 Coaching Style of Matt Smith
13:38 – 14:38 Skill development & Strategic Planning
14:38 – 16:14 Finding the right coach for you
16:14 – 19:10 High Direction Coaches
19:10 – 23:28 The art of staying focused and knowing when to say “no”
23:28 – 26:16 When do you know when you made the right decision?
26:16 – 27:27 Selling stocks
27:27 – 28:50 Surviving being bankrupt
28:50 – 32:20 Constructing feedback loops
32:20 – 35:42 Identifying KPI: Key Performance Indicators
35:42 – 39:15 How to manage KPI’s from a Tech Person?
39:15 – 42:11 What could go wrong in a Technology Development?
42:11 – 48:12 Controlling expenses
48:12 – 49:42 How companies avoid losing revenues
49:42 – 54:11 Incentive Structures
54:11 – 56:56 Balancing long term perspectives
56:56 – 01:02:22 How to manage Personal Issues
01:02:22 – 01:05:57 Keeping politics out
01:05:57 – 01:12:59 How to resolve conflicts between departments/staffs
01:12:59 – 01:13:38 Early to Rise Outro by Craig Ballentyne
01:13:38 – 01:15:33 Ed O’Keefe Show outro

People Mentioned:
15:34 Bedros Keuilian
19:36 Jack Dorsey
51:25 Daniel Pink
53:31 Fernando Cruz
01:06:55 Ray Dalio

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