Randy Davis: Strategies On Investing & Making Money In A Business

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Ed O’Keefe, and today I have a very special friend on, Mr. Randy Davis. Randy is a strategic wealth advisor, investor, entrepreneur, and in this interview, you’re really going to hear a full range of strategies and ideas both for investing, both for making money in the business, and also, one of Randy’s unique talents is how he is capable of getting access to very high-profile people.

You’ll hear in his story about how, for a long time, he had been managing the investments for people, and he just, for sport, started targeting celebrities. He’ll give you some great sales and marketing strategies to gain access that you can apply pretty much to anything you do if you want to meet people, if you want to get access to people.

This is a great interview that I had a fun time doing. I’ve known Randy now for almost 20 years, and he’s one of my first mentors, and he’s still a mentor and a friend today, so that’s it. Without further ado, Randy Davis.

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Show Notes:
0:00 – 3:15 Teaser/Sponsors
3:15 – 4:10 Introduction
4:10 – 5:44 Randy Davis background
5:44 – 9:58 What to Focus on to build cash
9:58 – 20:26 Finding the “Superpower” and Application
20:26 – 39:01 Game plan – Turbo Margin
39:01 – 50:52 Wealth Strategy
50:52 – 58:29 Get Rich Bucket
58:29 – 1:14:47 Experience working with the Influential People
1:14:47 – 1:18:48 Society World Class Investors
1:18:48 – 1:20:01 How to Contact Randy Davis

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