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“There is a new breed of entrepreneurs that are changing how business, success, and high performance occurs today.

Transforming lives through an entirely new way of thinking and operating, Time Collapsers live by a different set of rules.

Do not ask for permission to create something awesome. Do NOT rely on degrees, titles, or approval to create something world-class.”

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Ed O’Keefe, Father of 7 and Serial Entrepreneur not only lives these principles, but just laid out the entire process in his new book, “Time Collapsing! The New Art of Speed, Money, Power, and Meaning!”

O’Keefe shares to audiences, listeners, and readers how to not take the stairs to success, instead LEAP TO THE TOP. Using Exponential thinking combined with strategy for the best way to use technology, globalization, social media, networks, and access to real-world education along with what O’Keefe calls: The Transparency Age has created a window of opportunity unlike any time before!

Awareness And Speed is Your New Competitive Advantage

Drawing from real-world personal experience, he takes you on a trip behind-the-scenes of how seemingly ordinary people are going from ZERO to millions, hundreds of millions, and even billions of dollars in sales faster than ever before.

Why the step-by-step method of success no longer works, leaving people more overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated than ever? Time Collapsing shows you a new path to take a good idea and bring it to the world very fast, how an existing business can skyrocket sales, leap to the top of industry, reinvent itself, and achieve.

Advanced Mental Training HAS BEEN THE Underpinning OF ALL Business, Athletic, AND Family Success

O’Keefe explains: “During my ages of 23–28, I literally went and trained under as many of the experts as I could have. I learned NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Cognitive Psychology, Meta-Physics, and most importantly how to integrate all of it into practical methods that the high performer and average person, both could use to experience outstanding results.

My philosophy on working with super High Performers is simple: they already know how to be excellent; usually their biggest breakthroughs are found by removing friction and in the smallest distinctions. Get that aligned and they are back to the higher level or beyond fast.”

Why Personal Development, Health/Fitness, and Business Podcasts are Raving about Ed O’Keefe:

  • At the age of 24, wrote the “Ultimate Mental Toughness Guide for Athletes!”
  • Started Dentist Profits at the age of 26 without any prior experience in Dentistry. Sold Over $50,000,000 in Marketing Systems, Seminars and Consulting
  • Sold A Division of his company before starting his Health Supplement Business, Marine Essentials
  • Mailed over 3,000,000 Pieces in Direct Mail Before moving Supplement Business 100% online
  • Has Sold Over $60,000,000 In Health Supplements
  • Co-Founder of Vibrant Health Media
  • Investor in KNOWFoods
  • Kokoro 40 Graduate! 51 hour mini-hell week experience created by commander Mark Divine
  • Hell On the Hill charity event created by Jesse Itzler

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