Staying Fit No Matter Your Age | An Interview with Kim Lipe

So it’s time to accept the inevitable: you’re getting older, you’re gaining weight, you’re losing your edge, and that’s just the way it is, right?


Tune in to my interview with the amazing Kim Lipe, founder of Fit Bodies by Kim. At the age of 45, she looked at a family picture and hardly recognized herself. It hit her hard. And she decided to make a change. Kim started working with a personal trainer and soon discovered she needed to radically change the way she ate. Thanks to her dogged determination, within a few years, Kim lost 30 pounds and went from 30% body fat to 12%!

Today at 53, Kim is a grandmother—who just happens to compete in bikini and figure competitions! She’s also a personal trainer who runs a gym out of her home and currently sees more than 80 clients every week. Kim’s goal is to help women of all ages live happier, healthier lives.

Listen in for her inspiring story of transformation! More than that, she shares a wealth of great insight on diet and exercise!

In this episode, you will . . .

• Listen in as Kim demystifies the path to becoming more fit
• Hear how Kim went from knowing zero about nutrition to becoming an expert on it
• Get a glimpse of Kim’s daily regimen and learn how she stays fueled
• Gain helpful insight on how important your attitude can be in living a healthier lifestyle
• Be inspired by Kim’s exuberance and realize it’s never too late to make a change

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Selected Links from the Episode:
49:13 Andy Andrews

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:15 Teaser
00:15 – 02:38 Introduction
02:38 – 04:56 Kim talks about how she started in fitness
04:56 – 05:53 A gym in her home
05:53 – 07:25 Mental and Spiritual state
07:25 – 11:46 What motivated her to get fit
11:46 – 14:35 Point of no return
14:35 – 17:15 Common misconceptions in Nutrition
17:15 – 20:31 How she starts her day
20:31 – 23:47 Keys to succeed in planning to get fit
23:29 – 25:00 Biggest challenge for her clients
25:00 – 29:50 Mindset strategies
29:50 – 32:03 Foods that should be taken out in your diet
32:03 – 34:38 Body issues
34:49 – 38:37 Typical workout
38:37 – 40:23 12 week transformation
40:23 – 40:52 Facebook interaction
40:52 – 42:33 Ed tells a funny story
42:33 – 47:58 Identity shifts
47:58 – 48:30 What Kim studies right now
48:30 – 49:14 Currently reading outside Fitness
49:14 – 50:20 Words of encouragement
50:20 – 50:51 Kim’s website
50:51 – 52:37 Supplement recommendation
52:37 – 55:09 Probiotics
55:09 – 55:40 Closing
55:40 – 57:14 MarineD3 Sponsor
57:14 – 58:12 Dormant Forces Sponsor
58:12 – 58:48 EOK Show Outro

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