Surviving Hell Week & Finding Your Why! | An Interview with Brad McLeod


Today’s guest, Navy SEAL Brad McLeod of @SEALgrinderPT, endured Hell Week not once, but twice! He has built a career on helping other SEALs get through the toughest trainings of their lives. Brad’s goal is not only to help these SEALs achieve their career goals, but also to help them reach new personal heights, by helping them accomplish and conquer in ways they never could have imagined before.

Tune in to hear the interview with Brad from my latest one-day Time Collapsing event. You’re sure to leave with amazing insights on how to keep driving somebody forward, even if they’ve already decided to quit.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to coach somebody by breaking the process down into small, single steps
  • Understand how, so often, the key to success is just choosing not to quit
  • Hear about extreme Navy SEAL trainings and how the trainees are able to keep going
  • Listen to the importance of getting a client’s why when coaching them not to quit
  • Discover why visualization techniques are key to coaching people through life’s obstacles

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:32 Teaser
00:33 – 00:43 Introduction
00:44 – 02:17 Some facts about Brad Mcleod
02:18 – 03:16 Time collapsing seminar
03:17 – 04:15 Discusses some parts of the interview
04:16 – 05:56 Brian’s training
05:57 – 14:04 Mental strategy
14:05 – 16:26 Questions that need to be asked
16:27 – 17:25 Kokoro Camp
17:26 – 19:21 Coolest thing in the Camp
19:22 – 25:23 Encouragement
25:24 – 27:55 MarineD3 & Dormant Forces Sponsors
27:26 – 28:30 Closing

Selected Links from the Episode:
01:10 Seal Grinder PT

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