The 3 People You MUST Know If You’re Going To Succeed In The Supplement Business…

Meet Joe, Sandy,and Rocko!

Joe, 54, wakes up at 6:20 am every morning. His 3 kids are all stirring and heading off to high school, except his youngest Julia. She is 14 and is finishing up her 8th grade year. He doesn’t know why, but she puts her headphones on, stairs out the window the entire ride to school.

“Must be a phase”, he justifies to himself. Afterall his two boys at least talked to him. When Joe gets into work, he receives  the results from his recent blood work.

His cholesterol is high, he now officially has high blood pressure, and even though he has been 40 lbs overweight for years. He has now come to the “holy sh$$” moment realizes he must do something about it.

“How could I have let this go for so long?” He desperately wonders.

A few minutes later Joe is reading his daily conservative website when an image (a disguised Ad) calls out to him:

“Are You Worried About Your High Blood Pressure?”

Take a 30 second evaluation to find out how you can naturally
experience health blood pressure.

Do you think Joe clicks on that Ad?

Do you think he takes that Survey?

Is there a high potential that he becomes a customer of that product?

Let’s assume the answer to all three of these is “yes, “yes”, “YES”. Now, here’s the magic bullet question.

How many people like Joe are going through this experience every day of the week? Let’s just say, for speed sake, “A LOT”.

This is what is called, An evergreen market.

An Evergreen Market is where there are always new people coming into it every day, every week, every month. So, if you create an offer that converts and gets people to buy, you can have a long term, highly profitable business while creating enormous value for people!”

Meet Sandy- she is 49 years old and feeling great. 4 years ago at a Christmas party while holding her new Granddaughter Sandy looked in the mirror and was stunned at what she saw.

She didn’t recognize the obese woman looking back at her. It shocked at the core. That was it. She would never feel that way ever again she told herself.

The next day she went online searched: “Best Diet For Weight Loss”. She found a woman who was giving away a 5 day video course titled: “Eat Your Way To Weight Loss!”

Sandy joined the free course and committed to doing exactly what this lady taught her. Afterall, she was the same age. Looked Great and was very kind and helpful.

When the 5 days were up, she joined her membership program that she offered and has become a loyal follower and raving fan.

Now it’s a few years later and Sandy takes every supplement this lady recommends. An omega-3, protein pack, greens, amino acid recovery, to name a few. Her “investment” in supplements and education is easily over $250/month, but “it’s the best money ever spent”.

At the age of 49 she has become an inspiration to her friends and family. People ask her all the time how she did it. She happily directs them to her website.

Ed Questions:  How many people are like Sandy, living the life of quiet desperation and need someone with good marketing and a great product who can give away enormous value to gain customers?

According to Journal of American Medicine, 34.3% of the population are obese! Researchers indicate that Americans will most be affected by obesity, with 81 million expected to be overweight and 113 million obese by 2022.

If you aren’t an expert, don’t worry, there are thousands of them out there who don’t know how to market?

If you are an expert and you are teaching people right now, look at how much money you are leaving on the table by NOT selling supplements. A typical information buyer might spend $69-$120 on the high side.

Our average sale was $199-$250 on initial transaction. Imagine if 10-20% of your information customers upgraded into full on supplement profile plan. You’d be adding $100-$250 a month per customer with that type of customer.

Meet Rocko!

Rocko was named after Rocky! Yep, his dad was a big Sylvestor Stallone fan. Bartended for years and had aspirations of being a professional boxer. His son Rocko was not going to live his life, instead he’dbut have all the opportunitiesopportunity he never had.

Rocko did just that. Instead of working in the bar, he owned 3 bars and invested a good percentage of his portfolio. He was the ultra man!

He drank Bullet Proof Coffee, ate Paleo religiously, hit the Cross Fit box 4 times a week, and trained in Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ) the other 3.

Even though he was now 35 years old, he secretly told himself that he was the new “Superman”. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and nutritionally in beast mode.

He read newsletters from T-Nation. Critiqued the advice and religiously made sure he had all the pre, during, and post workout nutrition. He bought all his “muscle building” products from T-Nation, but would find all his anti-aging, brain/focus products from, or other cool experts.

Rocko easily spends $3500-$5000 on nutritional supplements and programs. This doesn’t include his bi-annual blood testing and DNA analysis.

If you owned a business that catered to a guy like Rocko, just imagine what it would be like having him as a customer for 3 years. What if he stuck with you for 5 years or beyond. You can acquire 100 customer and if you get 1 Rocko, you can build a pretty amazing, long term business.

Now, you’ve met 3 examples of people out there right now in the world who are supplement buyers. But there are more:

  • The 65 year old woman who is terrified of getting Alzheimers or Dementia. She buys every brain thing on the market. How do I know this? Our facebook marketing most profitable demographic was over the age of 65.
  • 26 year old competitive Martial Artist. Even though he is broke…he buys his Supplements! He will give up everything that has Zero to do with his performance in order to
  • Survivalist guy- he already knows the world is going to end for everyone else, but him and his cronies…he hates Big-Pharma and will buy anything that sounds like it’s against the government and will help him live longer.
  • Financial Investor Newsletter Reader- has money. Wants to live a longer, more enjoyable life, feeling like a young virile man without pain as he see’s his money grow.

He loves to read and will buy almost everything in front of him that promises to help him.

Out of all of these examples, have I shown you one bad customer? Nope!

This business, when done right, can give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

If you are thinking small, secretive, and that there is “not enough for everyone to make a killing in this business, you are not thinking accurately. There is no saturation of a market, only a blockage in your mind.

The Baby Boomer market in just the U.S. population is projected to grow from 314 million in 2012 to 420 million in 2060, an increase of 34 percent.

This is just the United States. However, with the internet you can now market to this demographic in Australia, Europe, and Canada to name a few.

The Senior Market: By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2000. People 65+ represented 12.4% of the population in the year 2000 but are expected to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030.



The Cross Fit Market is growing at ridiculous rates! the graph shows just under 6000 affiliate gyms, but now there are over 10,000.

The Tough Mudder was shown as the #2 Fastest growing businesses in Crains New York in 2013.

They literally went from zero to $73,000,000 in just 2 years. An unheard of 3,291% Growth Rate!

Spartan Race: In 2010, Spartan Race ran its first event and miraculously inspired 1,500 people to show up and complete an obstacle course built to challenge even the most fit competitors.
Three years later Joe De Sena, CEO and Founder of Spartan Race predicts that a total of 650,000 people will compete in the 60 events hosted in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

Running USA reporting that in 2013, over 42-million Americans ran six or more days per week. That is an increase by 70-percent 2004.

Zumba Fitness: Fourteen million people in 150 countries take Zumba classes at least once a week. Zumba Fitness has 250 employees and a reported valuation of more than $500 million. (The company does not release revenue figures. CEO Alberto Perlman says it grew 4,000 percent from 2007 to 2010 and 750 percent in the past three years.

What is great about these “raves” like Cross Fit, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Zumba is that they spin off billions of dollars and create new markets: equipment companies, clothing businesses, and yep- supplement businesses!


These new participants run out and buy MORE…not less!

Billion Dollar Businesses like Guthy Renker are selling Cindy Crawford’s beauty skin cream. This not only creates awareness of skin and beauty, but also creates a tidal wave of new buyers into the market.

Larry King’s heart infomercial selling Krill oil has been running for over a year and is still pumping strong. This is creating “buyers”.

You can’t turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or get on the internet without seeing ads about nutritional supplements, weight loss, anti-aging, or beauty. WHY? BECAUSE it is a never-ending booming, recession-proof, market that is only going to grow!

There is no shortage of buyers out there…because there are new buyers entering the health, beauty, fitness, and growth hacking market every day!

Buyers are buyers are buyers… and my belief is that there has never been a better time to launch a health supplement or product business if you can create serious value for them!

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