The 9 Wealth-Making Pillars For Growing A Highly Profitable, Systematic, While Creating Life-Time Residual Profits!

In my previous post I covered the first 4 of 9 Wealth-Making Pillars for growing a highly profitable, systematic Supplment Business… all while creating life-time residual profits… in this post I’ll cover pillars 5-9

Pillar #5:  Affiliates/Strategic Relationships: (Content Will Be Given At Intensive!)

You will get access to my rolodex. Everything you need to know about building an affiliate army will be taught at this event. Nothing held back!

Pillar #6: Life Time Value Accelerator

The KEY in building a multi-seven figure supplement business is going to be found right here in increasing the lifetime value of your customer!

While my “model” and blue-print is designed for you to be profitable at day 1, the reality is that once you have a backend process that can get customers to buy more products, you can now go negative to acquire customers.

Most marketers, even pro marketers, treat this haphazardly and recklessly. Admittedly, we didn’t even have a true backend for 18 months in the business. It makes me want to puke

It embarrasses to even admit it, but it’s true.  (*I’ll share the entire story at the Intensive! I ignored my common sense, my gut, and everything I know about marketing, because I was “listening” to someone who I thought was smarter than me.)

See, the challenge you run into here is: If you focus is supposed to be constantly on my lead gen and customer acquisition process, how am I supposed increase the lifetime value of my customers?

You will need inventory, sales copy, and a mapped out process. The “Trap” here is to overload on inventory, over-spend on sales copy, and get too busy that this becomes a mess.

Here is 1 of 5 easy tips that you can do which will save you time, money, and give you data so you can grow your business much faster:

Find a friend who runs a comparable supplement business. Simply ask him or her:

“Hey, can I put your product in my upsell sequence and I’ll pay you wholesale or a buck extra per bottle in the beginning to test this out.”

When one of my probiotic product upsells ran out of inventory; I contacted a buddy of mine that I knew who was selling a similar product. This product would work perfectly with my probiotic while allowing me to keep cash in my own bank account instead of increasing my debt with a manufacturer.

Take this is step further. Ask permission to use his sales copy. Most people will say “yes, no problem”, because it’s a win-win AND you are moving his inventory with a little bit of profit for him as well.


If you are wondering, “But Ed, won’t they see me as competition? Why would they ever work with me? Their business is so successful. Mine is just starting!”

That’s silliness. That means you are talking to the wrong people. You are correct; you will come across some ego driven dudes out there, but just move on.

The people I surround myself have an abundance mentality. “Do you honestly think I could sell all my products to every potential customer ?” The market is just too big!

I’ll answer this with a quick funny example. When I used to help Implant Dentists get patients, they all thought that if I helped other dentists in their area, it would take away competition.

Makes “logical” sense right?

But what actually happened is: the more guys running newspaper ads, the way I taught it, ended up  improving the response rate for every dentist in the area.


My belief is that the increased awareness and repetition of seeing similar messaging moved more customers faster to take action.

Here is one more Real-World, Proven And Tested Tip that will drive profits, help your customers, and give you data for ascending customers faster.

One thing I did early that worked like gangbusters is another tip I used from Dentistry. I found out that if you gave a person a coupon, you’d get a decent response, but if you…



…you will get 2-3X the response rate!

So, in our post-purchase emails and direct mail bounce-back letters (*a bounce back is any offer that gives your customer a compelling reason to come back and invest more money in your company☺) we started using $30 Credits.

In our first month of launching this to our existing customers, we made $400,000 in Gross Revenue just from launching this one campaign. Think you should try it?

Did I invent this?

I’d like to say yes, but I think I got the idea from an old John Carleton Letter. Plus constantly seeing Victoria Secret sending me “Free Panties” offers.

No matter where you are at with business, this one idea can be a game-changer.

Stop Thinking In “AVERAGE CUSTOMERS”; Look For Your Accelerators!

One of the first questions the average marketing consultant and business and business owner will ask you is: “What is your average lifetime value of a customer?”

So, you take the total revenue by a certain period and divide it be the number of X customers.

Let’s keep it simple: you generate $90,000 revenue from 1,000 customers.

Your average lifetime value of a customer = $90 per customer


If you are ONLY looking at this, then you are making rookie mistakes and acting like an amateur. You will never be capable of GROWING PROFIT and expanding your wealth by looking at averages. You will be like all the other “average” marketers out there.

See, inside that 1000 customers were


Total Profit: $5,000

Average Profit Per Customer is: $5

Now, with this information: if you only look at the bottom-line “average” information, does this look like a “fun” business to be in?


However, if you created campaigns for each segment that was equal to their ability to spend money and recency of purchase…etc… you can get really creative, fun, and simultaneously create ENORMOUS VALUE for your customers who are willing to invest in themselves!

This, my friend, is one of the biggest breakthroughs we made in our business. It took me 3 years to figure out how to implement, but we are doing it now and profits are better than ever.

Last point here; there are sub-points that I will go into at the INTENSIVE and they will shortcut the process without question. But if you have customers or leads right now in an existing business, you could implement this and easily put a system in place that will add a TON OF FUTURE WEALTH INTO YOUR POCKET.

Moving on…

Pillar #7: Amazon.com – How to Rank Fast On The #1 Shopping Center In The World!


Do you remember the days when people would brag about how many store outlets they are in?

Amazon is that the new scalable platform that can get you LIVE instantly and

If you are selling health products (or any products for that matter) and you don’t have them on Amazon.com then you REALLY need to open your eyes to what is right in front of you.

I’ll show you behind the scenes of how we consistently, EVERY DAY, make $5,000 a day on Amazon without doing any of the Amazon hacks that are being taught.

However, because I believe that there is sooooo much untapped potential here and that even my company is leaving a ton of money on the table… I WILL have a guest speaker at the intensive.

This individual is an absolute PRO at Amazon and will give you the exact roadmap to getting ranked on Amazon very very fast.

  • You  can get started in the business VERY VERY fast! Have an idea and need to get it live… post it on amazon. You don’t need to deal with merchant accounts, web designers, or programmers.
  • You can start lead generating and drive your leads to Amazon
  • You can use it as a retargeting conversion strategy
  • Overflow from your direct mail, your media buys, and your joint venture strategies will “look you up” and end up buying on
  • Your “return rate” from amazon will be under 3%. Unheard of for traditional direct response companies.
  • Plus much much more!

Pillar #8: Cash Flow Management/Financials and Accounting System

The financial pillar is a huge one. Especially at the beginning, but even more important as you scale. The key thing early on is to know the speed at which we get our money back from our ad spends, while knowing our “true” cost.

Factoring in All Imaginable Costs!

If you are looking to break even (or better) at acquisition (Day 0), you need to take into consideration all of the merchant fees, reserves, refunds, cost of goods sold, shipping/handling, phone calls for sales and customer service.

Most people do not even consider thinking about phone call fees on refunds as far as adding it as a contribution to overhead. However, you need to look at it.

Another quick thing you have keep in mind is: if you are paying consultants, sub-contractors, and other “soft” costs, you need to be aware of the speed you are moving their input to money.

If your throughput is too slow, then you need to either stop having so many “soft” costs, or you need to solve the “throughput” problem.

When you back all of that stuff out, you have to come to a point where you look at your allowable CPA (cost per acquisition).

What are you willing to spend to get a customer? If all of those fees are, say, $30 and my average sale is $100 and my goal is to break even, then my allowable cost per action $70.

If I want to net profit 15% at acquisition, then my allowable CPA now becomes $55.

Do you remember when I talked about the secret to getting as much traffic as you want as your ability to have a higher earnings per click?

You need to know that the guy who is willing to pay $70 cost per sale versus the guy who is willing to spend $55 cost per sale, assuming that they have the same conversion rate, will get a lot more traffic.

It will probably be exponentially more traffic if the conversion rates are the same. Their EPC’s would back out differently.

CPA is $70 = 1000 Clicks @ .5% Conversion Rate = 50 Customer ($70.00 CPA * 50 Sales)/1000 = $3.50 EPC

CPA is $55 = 1000 Clicks @ .5% Conversion Rate = 50 Customer ($55.00 CPA * 50 Sales)/1000 = $2.75 EPC

If all things are equal, the guy who is paying out $70 CPA is getting his affiliates. 75 cents more per click.

Which offer would you promote if you were the affiliate? The more profitable one obviously.

Maybe you are the owner of the product and you only are able to pay $55 CPA. You need to get strategic to move your dollar per customer up as quickly as possible so you can pay more.

Get Your Backend Sales Going As Soon As You Can!

This is why, from a financial perspective, you have to have your back end ready to rock and roll. You can only move the conversion rate needle so much if you are following best practices. There is a time and point where it becomes a game of, “who can run the better business by moving their customers up the ladder faster?”

Where else does cash flow become extraordinarily important? It is the amount of inventory you buy. The key here is to look at your “throughput”: which is the speed of which your inventory goes in and goes out so that you are paying your vendors from sales and not from your bank account.

There are some manufacturers with whom you can build a relationship so that you can do a print-on-demand type of model. You have to have a certain amount of sales to get there.

We have some relationships we can introduce you to if you want to go bare minimum inventory as you grow. It is not as possible when you are doing custom formulations.

Monthly Rhythm

Underneath financials you are going to look at your daily rhythms, weekly report, and a monthly report. You also have your affiliate report, daily email report, and we will have all of those things. We will show you exactly how we use them to help manage and run the business at the intensive. All of these things can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, once you have it in place you are off the races.

CFO’s and Accountants

I have tried a few different accounting firms and I have found one that works perfectly. The best part is that they have businesses similar to ours, so they know what is expected. They know when errors happen. Where there are problem areas and they let us know it. They actually act as your virtual CFO and it works very, very well.

Pillar #9: Legal:

Legal is a necessity in any health product business, but for supplements and health information it’s a MUST. Knowing who to trust to give you the best advice, in my opinion, the most important thing.

We won’t spend a on of  time on this, but I will share stories, insights, and my opinions from personal experiences over the past 6 years. Furthermore, I’ll give you the contact information for the two attorneys I work with and how I work with them.

Like I said, we won’t spend a lot of time on this, but having peace-of-mind that you are making the best moves for yourself allows you to accelerate your growth.

Pillar #10: Planning Your Exit Payday:

A health supplement business is sellable asset. It is unlike a “guru” busienss, because you can build a brand that has nothing to do with you. I have personally not sold my business, so I won’t go deep into this topic.

If you’re ready to go headlong into the supplement business my Shortcut to Building Your Very Own Multi-Million Dollar Health Supplement or Product Business Online is exactly what you want. This will be a VERY Private Exclusive Invitation…where NOTHING will Held Back! Guaranteed!

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