The Levels of a Quality Life


We all want more power, money, and freedom, right? These can give us more control, so we hope, and get us to a place in our lives where we can really start living. That’s why we busy ourselves now with our high-achieving lives of business and entrepreneurship; we’re trying to get from here to there.

So what’s what wrong with that? Well, nothing, if you’re loving the process as one continuous present moment. But are you? Or have you fallen in the trap? The trap where, no matter the goal you reach, it feels like you’re back at the beginning—with yet another elusive target beckoning you back to the process so you can, yet again, try to get to that place where you’ll really start living. And round and round we go. Does this sound familiar?

Listen in as I explore the process you may be trapped in. After all, recognizing it is the first step to getting out.

In this episode you will . . .

• Learn how the achiever model may be trapping you
• Step back from the process you know so well in order to re-evaluate your place in it
• Visit—or revisit—the question of what really ignites your true passion in life

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:15 Teaser
00:15 – 00:44 Introduction
00:44 – 01:46 Craving for Control
01:46 – 06:00 Law of Attraction and Thinking about Expansion
06:00 – 10:49 Creation Process
10:49 – 13:29 Emotional State Comparison
13:29 – 14:34 Awakening the Soul
14:34 – 17:15 Sponsor Message
17:15 – 17:41 Outro

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