The Most Important 21 Days of the Year!

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When Thanksgiving ends, people shift from the “Gratitude” feeling of the post-food coma of “getting ready for Christmas. 

If you are an entrepreneur or commissioned sales rep, you feel an inner tug of what to get done during this time, now that Santa-itis has hit the world. Hopefully you had record weekends during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you didn’t, then this message is even more important for you. People who don’t run their own business won’t “get” this message and it “might” at first seem anti-holiday, but it’s not at all.

My goal is to give you a blueprint as a way to think and act over the next 21 days to maximize your end of year, while preparing properly for the next year…and creating momentum.

Right now, people are in “shutdown” mode for the season. The mistake you will make as a business owner is to forgo making the best of your revenue in December and pushing off next year’s planning til next year.

 To give you a game-plan here is a list to prioritize:

 #1: End of year cash flow campaigns: we don’t want to miss the Sale opportunities at the end of the year. People love buying and they’ll buy more now if your message can cut through the clutter.

A great and simple strategy for this is: “12 Days of Christmas Sale!”

What products do you have that you can put on sale, repackage, and re bundle and sell?

Lay it out 1-12 and start your countdown at anytime this month. If you need products, then find joint ventures to promote during this time. If you don’t have a product for a certain day, can you do a free giveaway in order to create consistency and momentum with your customers or prospects?

Remember, people love to buy. IT’s what they do.

One trick that I’ve used over the past 6 years without fail is:

Step 1: Run a “Christmas” Campaign”.

Step 2: Re-run that campaign to all your non-responders, but change the campaign to a “New Year’s Campaign. It works!

If you planned well and already have a New Year’s Launch coming up you can do that, but recycling a campaign that is already working is great for being lazy (or smart) at the end of the year.


Some great hooks and subject lines for this time of year:

Day 12: 12 Days of Christmas Sale Begins Today

Day 11: (Day 11 SALE) HO, HO HO! Santa has never been so good

Day 10; Scrooge is trying to ruin Christmas, but today we stop him…

Day 9:  9 Days Of Christmas…Joint Relief For Everyone Thanks To Our Elves


You get the idea? Make it fun…not boring as heck.

The key is in each email, you include the previous day’s sale…so they can still take advantage of it.

What you’ll find is that people might open up the email for Day 8, then look back at all the sales

they missed and buy everything:-)

That’s the power of this!


#2: Prepare Your Cash Flow and Surges For the Next Year:

You don’t have to be perfect here, but it doesn’t hurt to lay out the obvious campaigns you want to run every month, then lock those dates in.

For example, you can run sales on any/all of these dates Super Bowl Game Sale, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Birthday Sale, Customer Anniversary Sale, Company Anniversary, Your Wedding Anniversary, Back To School, Labor Day Weekend Sale, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc…the list is endless.


Rentals: We will rent our list 2 times a week some week.

Product Swaps or Joint Ventures: Let’s say we do 6-8 a month.

Then look at what is open in your calendar.

Now, you can start filling in: “What product launches are we going to do in order to maximize this calendar?”

What products are we going to use in those sales based on the interest our customers are telling us?

What marketing will we need? Who is going to do it for us (Copywriter)?

 Now a project manager can execute, fill in gaps, create a budget, and create timelines, which are all things that I suck at.

With your next year already 80%  mapped out you can put your focus toward whatever else you might need to focus on.

One key thing I’d recommend is: YOUR GROWTH ENGINE

What is the new lead funnel or customer acquisition funnel that is going to be your main growth engine?

What are you willing to INVEST in order to guarantee it’s a success?

When it’s a success…what does the value of it need to before you? This will help you understand the true value of what you are building. If you do NOT do this, then you are subject to the chaos, ups n downs of the daily grind. Taking things too personally. allowing your confidence to be determined by the most recent test, etc…

Listen: a high converting funnel that acquires customers at a slight negative, breakeven, or better can be worth MILLIONS of personal net worth building and might only “cost” you $50,000 of “all in” investment.

There is almost NOWHERE else that you can create something like that from scratch. So, keep your head up, keep perspective, and get clear on the value you are building.

One way of planning this is to put failure on your side by strategically planning for it:

Question: What are the 9 Tests You are willing to fail at as you optimize this funnel and how can you hedge your economic investment, time, and bet so you set up all circumstances to win?

The way I approach this is:

What is my core offer?

What is my Distribution Channel(s) that I will optimize this offer in?

Who is a pro that I can hire to help me in the core critical skillsets that I may be less than world class at, or simply want to buy speed, or don’t have the time?

When I lay this out…what will it take to ensure that I create a Winner?

By getting this done now… you free your mind from distraction during the holiday. You already have your plan laid out. Your team members know their roles and what their main focus is.


Okay, that’s it- be awesome and be yourself!


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