The Power of PR and Advertising | Bill Rancic


Tune in for some eye-opening wisdom from Bill Rancic. His success goes way beyond being the original winner on NBC’s The Apprentice. Today, Bill’s an amazing entrepreneur, restaurateur, TV host, author, and philanthropist.

In this episode, Bill gives vivid, real-world examples to show the power of PR and advertising. Listen in as he speaks to a group of dentists looking to take their practices to the next level. Bill shares specific insights and actionable suggestions—suggestions that are seriously useful, no matter what your business area.

In this episode, you will . . .

• Hear what Bill means by the question “Where is your sawdust?”—and find out why it’s a question that’s crucial for you to answer
• Understand how to leverage the data you get from tracking your sales—to create even more sales
• Discover ways to combine PR and advertising for amazing results
• Get inspired to do things differently—which, Bill says, is the first step toward being a successful entrepreneur

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Selected Links from the Episode:
03:33 – Cigars Around the World
08:17 – The Jonathon Brandmeier Morning Radio Show
11:02 – Danny Bonaduce Talk Show
11:16 – Good Morning America
11:20 – CNN
11:21 – The Today’s Show

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:25 Teaser
00:25 – 00:50 EOK Show Introduction
00:50 – 02:45 Bill comparing his practice to dentistry
02:45 – 03:28 Bill commending Ed O’Keefe
03:28 – 10:05 Bill Rancic entrepreneurial history and starting the Cigar business
10:05 – 12:37 Realizing the importance of PR
12:37 – 14:25 Bill shares a story about a lumber yard and his “SAW DUST”
14:25 – 15:58 Combining PR with Advertising
15:58 – 17:32 MarineD3 Sponsor
17:32 – 18:30 Dormant Forces Sponsor
18:30 – 19:06 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro

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