Tony Grebmeier and Ed O’Keefe: 2 CEO’s Share Their Startup Secrets To Success!

Tony Grebmeier

Tony Grebmeier has been a friend of mine for a little over a year and we met through this health supplement business. Tony runs a company called “Ship Offers”. Ship Offers is a private labelling company and formulation company for health supplements but that’s not what we talked about in this episode.

Tony’s stories are absolutely fascinating! He went from making millions to drug addiction to getting sober, while insuring his family units, stayed together. And now he’s been sober for many years. So in this episode we talk a little bit about addiction and the disease and overcoming it, but also how the phase in his life that actually had led him to it.

You will see in this episode, this was something different! We did a power talk where we interviewed each other so we could both use the information for our podcasts. So throughout this episode we go back and forth asking each other questions. You will hear some behind the scenes that I shared with Kokoro camp, my prep work, my mindset, and my goals while being there!

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Selected Links from the Episode:
18:06 Ed O’Keefe Show
19:21 Chicken Soup for the Soul
36:05 Zero to One
51:45 Kokoro camp

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:24 Teaser
00:24 – 02:34 Introduction
02:34 – 04:45 Greetings and Similarities
04:45 – 09:14 Backstory of Tony
09:14 – 13:26 Drug addiction
13:26 – 15:15 How Tony made his first millions
15:15 – 22:14 Backstory of Ed
22:14 – 26:25 How Ed chose the path on being an entrepreneur
26:25 – 28:06 Road to success
28:06 – 32:27 The Art of Time Collapsing
32:27 – 35:12 Success and Selfish Traps
35:12 – 39:07 Leapfrog theory
39:07 – 44:18 Skill sets & super power
44:18 – 48:12 Overcoming things
48:12 – 01:00:15 Relationships and Networking
01:00:15 – 01:03:55 Acknowledgment and life advice
01:03:55 – 01:05:30 MarineD3 Sponsor
01:05:30 – 01:06:31 Dormant Forces Sponsor

People Mentioned:
18:16 Lloyd Irvin
19:19 Tony Robbins
19:20 Jack Canfield
23:26 Bill Gates
24:04 Jesse Itzler
24:47 Marquis Jets
25:51 Warren Buffet
32:09 Brian Tracy
32:14 Zig Ziglar
36:04 Peter Thiel
36:10 Paypal
41:21 Gary V
41:22 Bob Proctor
41:26 Mark Cuban
47:29 Vinnie Fisher

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