Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Online Business Revenue | An Interview with Ezra Firestone

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Are you looking to find a better way to advertise your online business product? Or would you like to know how you can become more profitable with advertising? Then listen in to today’s show, with guest, Ezra Firestone, one of the current world leaders in eCommerce and learn from him how you can reach your community with whatever you have to tell or sell them.

Ezra, the guy who sold the most mullet wigs in the USA in 2008, founded his company, Smart Marketer, in 2012. Supported by a fast growing team and backed by Ezra’s years of experience in eCommerce, Smart Marketer creates and publishes eCommerce digital training programs for marketers and business owners. Ezra is thought by many to be the leading expert in the world in eCommerce today. He owns and operates several seven and eight figure businesses. He uses his insight, gained from these businesses, to produce his courses. Join Ezra today and learn how you can get better at whatever you do if you’re willing to keep your attention in just one place and focus there.

In today’s episode we learn:

  • The 3 Pillars of Advertising and how they can grow your revenue.
  • How to scale your business by letting go.
  • The new channels that Ezra recommends for staying in touch with your customers.

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Show Notes:

  • How Ezra grew up in a hippie commune.
  • The limited sources of online visibility in 2004.
  • How Ezra followed the instructions in a book and became a poker pro.
  • Cindy Joseph, 55-year-old supermodel and her part in Ezra’s story.
  • The business he started with Cindy and their fabulous message for aging women.
  • What happened about four years ago, that changed the game for Ezra.
  • Ezra’s philosophy about how to buy advertising properly.
  • Ezra explains the 3 Pillars to the way he looks at advertising- Awareness, Retargeting and Loyalty.
  • Practical applications for the 3 Pillars.
  • The 5 channels of communication Ezra uses to reach customers.
  • Ezra’s mobile phone app.
  • The areas in which Ezra has become world class.
  • Ezra’s view about “buying help” for his brand.
  • The importance of great copywriting.
  • Why Ezra thinks his course is the best out there.
  • Ezra’s 2 tips for you to become more profitable with your advertising.
  • How Ezra sees his future.


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