Using Modeling For Rapid Time Collapsing


What’s the difference between a direct salesperson and a business coach? Salary. Skills come in all different packages and most of us don’t even know what our skills are worth.

So what’s coming between you and your goal income? A lot of the time, you’re the only person keeping you from making more, and all you have to do is ask.

For many of us, skill acquisition and credibility compound far more quickly than we can even adjust our own self-perception and we end up trapped in a position where people see our value, but we’re not yet able to ask for compensation.

Tune in to learn how to recognize your superpowers, acquire new skills, and start asking for the rewards you deserve, today!

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to align your passion with your superpower to build business
  • Understand how important skillset acquisition is to your growth and success
  • Get clear steps to building credibility as an authority in your field
  • Discover how to develop a valuable level of awareness and business acumen
  • Realize if it feels like you’re swimming upstream, it’s time to reassess your efforts

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:11 Teaser
00:11 – 00:23 Ed O’Keefe Show Introduction
00:23 – 03:55 Episode Introduction
03:55 – 08:28 Mental & Physical Grind
08:28 – 11:28 Leap Frogging – Modeling
11:28 – 16:09 Identity Shift & Structure
16:09 – 20:51 Skill Set Acquisition and Grind
20:51 – 23:04 Ed’s Business Transition & Structures
23:04 – 25:41 Comparables & Super Power Alignment
25:41 – 27:15 MarineD3 Sponsor
27:15 – 28:13 Dormant Forces Sponsor
28:13 – 28:49 Ed O’Keefe Show Outro

People Mentioned:
02:43 Vinnie Fisher
04:34 Ed Clay
08:13 Conor McGreggor
20:46 Dan Sullivan
20:48 Joe Pollish

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