When Violence Is the Answer | An Interview with Tim Larkin


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The world is filled with dangerous people—so how are you going to protect yourself? Does violence make you uncomfortable? Are you willing to take easy steps to change that mindset? This week, our guest is Tim Larkin, who is an expert on violence. Through research and self-discipline, Tim has developed a system that is changing and saving lives.

After a 25-year career in the Military as a trainer for Special Ops, Tim Larkin decided to develop Target Focus Center, a practical program for teaching self-defense through physics and physiology. Tim has also just released his book on his study of violence, When Violence Is The Answer. His system can be learned rapidly, and it is an excellent and practical tool for anyone concerned with their personal safety. Tim approaches the concept of violence with knowledge, practicality, and realism.

In today’s episode we learn:

  • Why violence really is the answer in an a-social situation.
  • How to determine the difference between a-social and social situations.
  • The physiology and psychology of violence and how you can protect yourself.

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Tim’s Website: www.timlarkin.com

Tim’s Book: When Violence Is the Answer


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Show Notes:

  • Tim shares how he learned to fight both “in the ring” and out of it.
  • How we can turn injuries and weaknesses into sources of strength.
  • Tim’s system is based on research in human physiology.
  • The tool of violence has appropriate uses.
  • Scenario-based training teaches you the skills you need when violence is unavoidable.
  • Learn the difference between social and asocial scenarios.
  • There are inherent difficulties in studying the a-social situations.
  • Understand the benefits of training slow.
  • Tim recounts his moments of success using his system.
  • Know when to teach your kids about the dangers that are here in the world.


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